By Our Own Hands

This series is dedicated to exploring the Anthropocene era, which is the new geological era in which we find ourselves. Each mosaic tackles one characteristic of this new epoch. The series is complementary to, and in fact encompasses, my climate change series (Fiddling While Rome Burns), as climate change is one of the hallmarks of this new age. I invite you to explore the series by clicking on the images below, and encourage you to read the associated blog posts to learn more about each piece and its message.

  • mosaic detail of anthropocene using red dog, coal, ceramic, and plastic

    We Were Here Now

    Materials: Plastic, metal, concrete, mortar, ceramic, coal, red dog, limestone, shale Size: 22.5″h x 16″w Year: 2018 The first mosaic in my Anthropocene series, “By Our Own Hands,” this piece explores the dizzying pace and scale at which we are producing plastic, concrete, and aluminum, to the point where they are defining characteristics of the […]

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