julie sperling - work overallsI am a Canadian mosaic artist based in Kitchener, Ontario. My studio practice finds me camped out at the intersection of art, environment, science, and policy, and I firmly believe in the important role that artists play as advocates, activists, and change-makers. I’m happiest when I have a rock in one hand and my hammer in the other.



  • “Magnificent mosaics: Karen Dimit’s ‘Women hold up half the sky, Plaza #2′”, Mosaic Association of Australia and New Zealand National eMag, February 2017
  • Using thinset for mosaics“, guest tutorial for Helen Miles Mosaics, November 2016
  • “Getting the most out of a mosaic workshop”, Mosaic Association of Australia and New Zealand National eMag, December 2014

Mosaic education

  • Concrete forms (Sherri Warner Hunter)
  • Bend, fold, and undulate (Marian Shapiro)
  • Modern expression (Maestro Verdiano Marzi)
  • What lies beneath our feet (Rachel Sager)
  • Enhancing technical skills and integrating artistic expression (Sonia King)
  • Tools and techniques (Rachel Rodi)
  • Introduction to Roman mosaics (Vittorio DiLallo)
  • Introduction to mosaics (Suzanne Spahi)


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