Portugal: Moustaches, mosaics, and merriment

This summer my partner and I travelled to Portugal to attend the wedding of some very dear friends. We tacked on a bit of extra time so that we could explore a bit of the country too. We managed to hit Porto, Coimbra, Ericeira, Sintra, and Lisbon – not bad for 10 days!

One thing that really impressed me (aside from the obvious: the delicious food and drink, the beautiful architecture, and the luxurious moustaches) was the street art. It was everywhere and it was beautiful. Oh, and the tiles (azulejos). Wow. So much variety! I’ve included some of my favourites here – who knows, they may serve as inspiration for future mosaics!

But the highlight for me was probably the Roman ruins of Conimbriga, which is a really impressive site and well worth a visit if you’re ever in the area. The Conimbriga ruins are also home to some really impressive Roman mosaics. The sheer size and intricacy of them absolutely blew me away. I think one day I would like to try my hand at a Roman-style mosaic. It’s so different from my own style and I’m sure it would be quite a challenge!

And finally, what post about Portugal would be complete without a moustache? You’re welcome.





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