I am always happy to work with clients to create something special for them. Below is a sampling of some of the commissions I’ve undertaken to date. If you’ve got an idea (and no, it doesn’t have to be environmentally themed), send me an email.

Semicolon mosaic -- lgbtq rainbow typeset letter

Semicolon Pride

Materials: Smalti, unglazed porcelain, typeset letter

Size: 12.75″h x 9.25″w

Year: 2014

Simultaneously A Part And A Whole

Materials: Rock, architectural glass samples, e-waste, planning model houses, Marcellus shale, graffiti paint layers, marbles, smalti, safety glass, cardboard globe, ceramic, toy airplane

Size: 24″h x 36″w

Year: 2017

Wedding Ampersand

Materials: China, smalti, limestone, mudstone, thinset tesserae, typeset letter

Size: 12″h x 10″w

Year: 2015

Vintage Mirror Reborn

Materials: Vintage mirror, smalti, eramosa marble, marble, limestone, sandstone, ceramic

Size: 24″ diameter

Year: 2017