“Renegade” crafts

I’ve only done one craft sale so far, but I’ve looked at lots of applications, each time trying to decide if it’s the right show for me. And inevitably I get stumped: Am I art? Am I craft? Ultimately, I think the line between the two is very fluid, but I think I’d like to shoot for “high craft” perhaps bordering on (flirting with?) art.

Anyway, the only craft shows that have been easy for me to look at and say “I don’t think I’d fit in there” are those so-called “renegade” craft shows. I just don’t see my work as being edgy enough to hang with the cool kids. So when I stumbled upon this piece from McSweeney’s I laughed out loud. Without further ado, I give you…

Your Crafts Are Not Renegade Enough for the Renegade Craft Fair

Let me know what you think!

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