WIP Wednesday: “Mississippi Meander” (18 April 2012)

Finally! All the pieces glued in place. Now to find a frame and then stick this guy onto the Wedi board and buff it up!


Thanks Susan! I haven’t quite decided if I’m going to keep it or try to sell it. I have a feeling I might find it hard to part with, since it’s my first big project and I’m so in love with the original map on which it’s based, but we’ll see…

Thanks Chantal! Yep, it was so much work. Now I’m scared to put the mortar on it because I’m afraid I might mess it up. R has convinced me to do a practice run.

CA is treating me well, but I can’t believe how fast it’s going! Only a few weeks left – eek! Looking forward to catching up with you when I get back :-)

Let me know what you think!

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