5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Things About Julie Sperling (Red Squirrel Mosaics) things about...OK, so I’m posting this in response to Craft’s “5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Things About…” series, which is meant as a way to get to know the members of the Craft community. So, umm, here goes…!


One Project You Are Particularly Proud Of

I’d have to say that one project I’m particularly proud of is my very first mosaic – a table top with the image of a Mayan-style quetzal (the national bird of Guatemala). I just kind of dove in head first, not really knowing what I was doing. It could’ve been a total disaster, but instead, I think it was key in helping me establish my style.

My very first mosaic project – a quetzal table

Two Mistakes You’ve Made in the Past

  1. Not taking a class or two sooner, both to build confidence and develop my technical skills.
  2. Not taking better pictures of my work before releasing it into the “wild”.

Three Things That Make Your Work Unique

  1. I try to use second-hand bases whenever possible (from the thrift store, garage sales, and even the curb), so I stumble upon some interesting finds
  2. I like to work with glass scraps and use the shapes that I have (I prefer to avoid cutting when I can)
  3. I developed my style before I took any classes, so it’s 100% me
How’s this for an interesting base?

Four Tools You Love to Use

  1. my hands – mosaic is very tactile and I like to get right in there and get my hands dirty
  2. my hammer and hardie – I’ve only used it a few times, but I fell in love with it right from the start
  3. my notebook & sketchbook
  4. the internet – very important when you’re figuring stuff out on the fly!
My new favourite tool: hammer and hardie

Five Inspirations

  1. music – there’s always some playing in the background when I’m working
  2. maps
  3. graffiti
  4. nature
  5. architecture

Let me know what you think!

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