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The slimming power of vertical lines

Remember the ashtray I mosaicked? The one that was done using the little bits and pieces of cuts gone wrong? Well, those bad cuts were because of this vase. I don’t know what it was (likely a combination of my lack of technique and unrealistically thin strips of glass), but the glass just wouldn’t cut in a straight line. Every time I broke it, the glass would veer off at the end, leaving me with a dagger-sharp point rather than a right angle.

I remember when my partner came home with this vase I thought, “Good lord, what am I going to do with the top of that?” I was nervous just thinking about it. The initial plan was to cover everything in strips of glass, but thankfully my partner reined in my ambition and suggested I leave the top naked. I will admit to being completely skeptical until the moment I grouted it. Once I cleaned it up, however, I was glad for her voice of reason.

I think the finished product kind of reminds me of one of those wicker-covered wine jugs. Or am I crazy? (Uh, that’s a rhetorical question – no need to answer…)

blue stained glass mosaic vase


No animals were harmed in the making of this vase

It took me forever to come up with the design for this vase. I know, I know – looking at it, you’d never know it. As usual, I had grand, elaborate ideas. Complicated ideas. Ones that would not fit on a vase like this. Thankfully, my trusty inner editor kicked in and I pared the design down to the end product. Not much exciting happened during the making of this vase. I didn’t watch any fabulous movies or discover any great new musicians (side note: Triple J Unearthed is a treasure trove of undiscovered Aussie musicians and the source of many a mix CD over here at our place).

No wait! I believe the Great Chokecherry Incident of 2008 occurred at some point during the weeks I was working on this vase. What is GCI 2008, you ask? It’s when our relatively new dog, Dexter (yes, named after the TV serial killer), decided to gorge himself on chokecherries while we were out picking them to make chokecherry syrup. Who knew chokecherry pits contained cyanide? Clearly not us! To make a long story short, we quickly Googled “chokecherries + dogs + poison”, started freaking out (especially since one of the symptoms of cyanide poisoning was “sudden death”), phoned the emergency vet clinic just to make sure we were freaking out for a good reason, induced vomiting as per the clinic’s instructions, and then fed poor Dexter milk, burnt toast, and a generous dose of vegetable oil (which didn’t have its intended effect) and voila! Dexter was no worse for wear, although our nerves were pretty shot.

So, in closing, I present to you Dexter, shortly before his chokecherry-induced near-death experience. Oh, and the vase. Enjoy!

Dexter, just before he nearly experience "sudden death" due to chokecherry poisoning


Dabbling in 3-D

Mosaic vaseMy first multi-sided project was a vase, which was, of course, let’s say it all together: sans lip. Oh boy. By the time this project rolled around, I had finally bought my very own glass cutter and I was itching to use it. The pieces fit together pretty quickly without much cutting required, and my new glass cutter sat idly by, giving me sad, lonely, longing looks. Poor fella. Grouting proved to be even more “fun” than usual, because the grout didn’t really want to stick to the glass base. Grrrrr. Anyway, I kept at ‘er and the final product provoked a bidding war on Facebook – my first bidding war, how exciting! In the end, my best friend won out and this little guy now resides in her living room.


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