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You spin me right round, baby

Looking back on my childhood I realize that I’ve always kind of liked turny thingies. I loved merry-go-rounds, ferris wheels, those little turning platforms that you stood on and twisted right and left to slim and sleek your waistline (popular exercise gadget of the 80s), and, of course, lazy Susans. Even now, I smile on the inside when I’m chez mes parents and we pull out the lazy Susan to play Scrabble … although that warm fuzzy feeling is quickly replaced with feelings of frustration and despair as my mother handily kicks my ass. As you can imagine, I was filled with sunny, happy thoughts when I saw this lazy Susan just waiting to be mosaicked.

The inspiration for the design actually came from a Chrismas card I received this year. As work progressed, I took more and more artistic liberties and if you were to look at the card and the end product, you’d never guess that the former inspired the latter. Anyway, this little beaut was snatched up by a friend, who gave it as a wedding gift to friends of hers. I felt quite honoured that someone thought it was good enough to be given as a gift. I was admittedly a wee bit sad to see my little piece of turning delight go, but the money in my wallet quickly eased my pain…


And Julie said, “Let there be light!”

clear mosaic lampNot only is Ikea a great place for meatballs and hotdogs, but it is also a good place to find fairly cheap bases to mosaic. I picked up this lamp on a whim, thinking it might look nice in the red that I used for one of my earlier plates (I was still, and am still, trying to get rid of that damn red glass), but then I got to thinking that a simple clear glass lamp with a dark grout would look much cleaner and more sophistimicated. It was a fun piece to do (except the grouting, but what’s new?), and as I worked I excitedly (and incessantly) flicked the light on and off to see how it was progressing. It seemed to be a popular piece among my friends and I have since had requests for a few more of these little puppies, none of which have been filled yet (probably because I haven’t had the urge to shuffle through Ikea with hundreds of other people, jostling to be first in line for the 50c hotdogs).



From big to small

Next on my list of projects was a small mirror that I made as a wedding present for a friend. It was quite a change going from doing 2 big tables to doing a small mirror. I was used to having lots of room to play with the glass, and now I felt a bit constricted. Choosing the colours is always tough, but it was especially difficult in this case because I couldn’t remember what colour scheme my friend had in her house. Thankfully I lucked out and red was a perfect choice! Other than that, there’s not much a story behind this piece, I’m afraid.

Mirror for Sharm's wedding

Mirror for Sharm’s wedding

My apologies for the rather ghetto-looking picture – back then, I was still kind of learning how to photograph my mosaics. The 2 nice pictures of my tables (as seen in my previous 2 posts) were taken years later, after I had finally figured out how to take a good picture of a piece – the original pictures of the tables were every bit as painful as this one. Alas, there was no “do over” option for the mirror since it has long been out of my possession. Seriously though, who picks an afghan as a nice, sophisticated yet simple background?? Sheesh. Highly embarrassing.


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