Fiddling While Rome Burns

  • Weather Is Not Climate

    Materials: Marble, sandstone, terracotta, smalti, beads, copper wire Size: 10″h x 10″w Year: 2015 A mosaic about the difference between weather and climate. Read the full explanation here.

  • Sea Ice (Steady Unprecedented Decline)

    Materials: Quartz, marble, mudstone, limestone, Eramosa marble, smalti, salvaged glass Size: 14.5″h x 20″w Year: 2014 A mosaic about the rapid loss of Arctic sea ice due to climate change. Read the full explanation here.

  • Heat (Each Decade Hotter Than The Last)

    Materials: Mudstone, sandstone, limestone, shale, flue damper Size: 16.25″h x 24.25″w Year: 2014 A climate change mosaic about the rise in global temperatures. Read the full explanation here.

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