Fiddling While Rome Burns

  • Enough (Talk)

    Materials: 100% thinset scraps and leftover thinset mixes Size: 13.75″h x 12″w Year: 2018

  • Baseline (We’re Just Getting Started)

    Materials: 244 community-made mosaics, onyx, quartz, limestone, marble, thinset tesserae Size: 3 panels, each 48″h x 36″w Year: 2017 This was my big project as the City of Kitchener’s Artist in Residence. It contains 244 small mosaics made by community members, each one representing an action someone was committing to take to address climate change. […]

  • Bioswale (Slow It Down, Soak It Up)

    Materials: Asphalt, limestone, sandstone, marble, litovi, smalti Size: 18″h x 20″w (approximately) Year: 2017 This mosaic is all about using nature (specifically, rain gardens) to slow down and soak up the rain as extreme precipitation increases with climate change. Read more about it here.

  • The Paths Most Travelled

    Materials: Redback boot (right), Bogs boot (left), cement, shale, limestone Size: 26.5″h x 24.25″w Year: 2017 This mosaic is all about active transportation (specifically, walking) and how it is one way to reduce your carbon footprint. It is based on my most frequented walking routes while I was living in Ottawa and was still car-free. […]

  • Enough (Size Matters)

    Materials: One single piece of mookaite Size: 12″h x 12″w Year: 2017 A follow-up to “(More than) Enough“, this piece takes the same approach–that is to say, using every single scrap of a single stone–to create a mosaic, but this time the message is one of restraint and not gathering stuff for stuff’s sake. Read […]

  • Pollan’s Rule (Mostly Plants)

    Materials: Bones, shale, dishes, gold smalti Size: 20.25″h x 15.25″w Year: 2017 This mosaic explores the climate impact of our food choices, specifically meat consumption. Read more about it here.

  • Wind power and solar power detail of mosaic about renewable energy by Julie Sperling

    Power Dynamic (Renewable Production, Mindful Consumption)

    Materials: Marble, limestone, sandstone, mudstone, litovi, smalti, knob and tube, shell, solar panel, petrified wood, shale, ceramic, miscellaneous stone Size: 22″h x 11″w Year: 2017 This mosaic explores how we produce and consume energy as an integral part of addressing climate change. Read more about it here.

  • (Un)Necessary Evil

    Materials: Limestone, marble, bituminous dolomite, coal, shale, salvaged glass, graffiti paint layers Size: 14″h x 14″w Year: 2017 A commissioned sister mosaic to “(Un)Acceptable Loss”, this oil spill–inspired mosaic is about the negative impacts that happen over the course of getting fossil fuels out of the ground and all the way to our homes, vehicles, […]

  • Both/And

    Materials: Marble, shale Size: 14″h x 14″w Year: 2016 This piece is a depiction of the relationship between the two sides of climate action—adaptation and mitigation—and how they are equally important and urgent. Read the full explanation here.

  • (More Than) Enough

    Materials: One single piece of limestone Size: 16″h x 12″w Year: 2016 Through an exploration of the notion of “enough”, this piece deals with the connection between consumption and climate change, and how simply consuming less can reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. Read the full explanation here.

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