Over the years, I have taken (and continue to take) mosaic courses to further my skills and vision; the mosaics created during those courses are found in the gallery below. In addition, the Institute of Mosaic Art in Berkeley, California, ran a 20-week mosaic workout challenge in 2014. The pieces I produced while exercising my mosaic muscles are also found below.

Class pieces

  • Grounded

    Materials: Sandstone and limestone Size: 12″h x 12″w Year: 2013 This piece was created in Rachel Sager’s “What lies beneath our feet” workshop at Touchstone Center for Crafts in May 2013. It was a pivotal experience for me and it set me on the mosaic path down which I am now travelling. You can read […]

  • Poïesis

    Materials: Marble, flint, smalti, shale, desert rose Size: 14″h x 14″w Year: 2014 This piece was created under the tutelage of Maestro Verdiano Marzi during a 6-day workshop at the Chicago Mosaic School. It was an amazing experience—difficult to put into words—and I am grateful for the time I spent there.

Institute of Mosaic Art Weekly Mosaic Workout Challenge

  • A Cautionary Tale

    Week 8 prompt (and associated blog post): Time Materials: Marble, ceramic tile, cinca, glass rods, limestone, smalti, tumbled stone, beads, safety glass, beach glass, glass chunk Size: 6″h x 6″w Year: 2014

  • An Acquired Taste

    Week 10 prompt (and associated blog post): Redux Materials: Sandstone, smalti, gin bottle Size: 4.25″h x 4.25″w Year: 2014

  • Black Carbon (Study)

    Week 3 prompt (and associated blog post): Black and white Materials: Coal and limestone Size: 6″h x 4.75″w Year: 2014

  • Break Through

    Week 14 prompt (and associated blog post): Joy Materials: Skateboard, smalti, vitreous tile, ceramic Size: 6″h x 4.25″w Year: 2014

  • Core Temperature

    Week 17 prompt (and associated blog post): Elements Materials: Stone, smalti, terracotta Size: 6″h x 4.25″w Year: 2014

  • Dry Spell

    Week 4 prompt (and associated blog post): Monochrome Materials: Brick, terracotta, smalti, vitrogota Size: 5″h x 4.125″w Year: 2014

  • Favourite Spot

    Week 11 prompt (and associated blog post): Making copies Materials: Smalti, glass rods, stained glass Size: 4.25″h x 6″w Year: 2014

  • Foiled Again

    Week 19 prompt (and associated blog post): Ending Materials: Smalti, ceramic tile, glass rod Size: 6″h x 4.25″w Year: 2014

  • G&T

    Week 9 prompt (and associated blog post): When life gives you lemons… Materials: Limestone, Eramosa marble, gin bottle Size: 4.25″h x 4.25″w Year: 2014

  • Glacial Till

    Week 16 prompt (and associated blog post): The swept floor Materials: Coal, stone, marble, quartz, cinca, glass Size: 4.25″h x 4.25″w Year: 2014

  • Home Range

    Week 7 prompt (and associated blog post): Home Materials: Spray paint layers, marble, tile Size: 6″h x 6″w Year: 2014

  • Metropolis

    Week 15 prompt (and associated blog post): String theory Materials: Flint, shale, rock, coal, cinca Size: 6″h x 4.25″w Year: 2014

  • Over/Under

    Week 2 prompt (and associated blog post): Switcheroo Materials: Ceramic and vitreous tile Size: 6″h x 6″w Year: 2014

  • Picasso Camel Sketch

    Week 18 prompt (and associated blog post): Redux (again) / More thievery Materials: Cinca Size: 6″h x 6″w Year: 2014

  • Switch

    Week 6 prompt (and associated blog post): Pattern Materials: Terracotta, Eramosa marble, metal Size: 6″h x 5″w Year: 2014

  • Tendril

    Week 13 prompt (and associated blog post): Animate Materials: Smalti Size: 5″h x 6″w Year: 2014

  • The Missing Link

    Week 1 prompt (and associated blog post): Found objects Materials: Limestone, sandstone, salvaged glass table top, bike chain Size: 4″h x 5″w Year: 2014

  • Three Generations

    Week 5 prompt (and associated blog post): Three Materials: Marble and beach stones found by three generations (me, my mom, my maternal grandma) Size: 4″h x 5″w Year: 2014

  • Wayfinding

    Week 20 prompt (and associated blog post): Artist’s choice Materials: Stones Size: 6″h x 6″w Year: 2014

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