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WIP Wednesday: Graffiti (24 April 2013)

graffiti mosaic in smalti and unglazed porcelain - work in progress

I don’t want to tip my hand too much, because I’m SO CLOSE to being done and I want to do a big reveal when I am. So it was either this wee sample, or it was a shot of our sprouting seedlings (another kind of WIP – kale, tomato, eggplant, and more!).


WIP Wednesday: Graffiti (27 March 2013)

graffiti mosaic - work in progress

Top half of the graffiti part is done. And look at my safety glasses! I’m trying to be very conscientious about wearing them. And those orange cups? Total thrift store find – 50 cents for a sleeve of 50 and they’re perfect for putting thinset in. Score!


WIP Wednesday: Graffiti (13 March 2013)

graffiti-inspired smalti mosaic - work in progress

I’m actually kind of happy with the progress I’ve made this week, considering I haven’t put in that much time. AND I’m happy to report that thinset and I are no longer arch enemies. We’re not besties yet, but it’s a step in the right direction.


WIP Wednesday: Graffiti (6 March 2013)

graffit-inspired mosaic - work in progress

I’ve finally started back in on the graffiti-inspired mosaic I started in Sonia King’s workshop last year. Tonight I put a coat of thinset on the background. And cleaned up my workspace a bit so I can get a fresh, uncluttered (re-)start on this one!


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