Proclaim your love with a semicolon

I am super late in posting this commission that I did waaaaay back in the summer. Life just kind of took over…

Anyway, some friends approached me about creating a special mosaic for them and I was only too happy to oblige. Why a semicolon, you ask? Because these two lovely ladies found love with the help of a shared appreciation for a well-placed semicolon. Not joking! And I completely understand—good grammar is sexy, people (not to mention in short supply these days)!

This project was a fun one. My favourite part is the little Pride rainbow beside the typeset letter. I have a few more of these stamps squirrelled away in my stash, and I’ve got some ideas of how to use them (still typographic in design, but perhaps a bit more abstract). Now I just need to tear myself away from my climate change work to make it happen! Too many ideas, too little time.

Semicolon mosaic by Julie Sperling
Fun with semicolons! 12.75″ x 9.25″ (2014) — cinca, ceramic tile, smalti, typeset letter
Semicolon mosaic -- lgbtq rainbow typeset letter
My favourite little detail: semicolon pride!


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I’m extremely late to this party and finally enjoying your wonderful blog, Julie! Imagine my surprise when stumbling on this story of a semi-colon! Love it and love our Julie Sperling original too. Thank you again for this AND for sharing your climate change masterpieces. Still mulling yesterday’s experience over in my mind, while appreciating your work again online. :-)

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