Mosaic workout challenge, week 18: Redux (again)

We got a second catch-up / do-over week. I was both hoping for and dreading this. While a catch-up week would allow me to go back and do the one challenge I missed while I was in Chicago, that particular missed challenge—copying a non-mosaic work of art (or part thereof)—was the only one that I would’ve been perfectly happy to never have to do. Anyway, here’s the skinny.

Title: Reasonable facsimile of Picasso’s camel sketch

Size: 6″ x 6″

Materials: Cinca

How long did it take to complete? About 2.5 hours

Thoughts: I was really hoping I’d get to miss the challenge where we had to copy a non-mosaic artist’s work… Damn catch-up weeks! It’s Thanksgiving up here in Canada and I’m spending an extra long weekend away in Montreal, so I had to be pretty strategic in terms of what I chose to replicate. As with other weeks when I’ve been pressed for time, I decided to maximize the negative space and went with one of Picasso’s line drawings (a camel). This also meant that I could keep the materials really simple (just cinca, in this case) and didn’t have to pack much—just a few tiles, my tweezers, nippers, and a bottle of glue. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. There are some issues with the keystoning in parts, but heck, I was on vacation and wasn’t being too exacting. Had I had more time and access to all my materials, I really would have liked to have tried my hand at interpreting a Rothko. Maybe I’ll save that for a self-imposed challenge on a rainy day…

Pablo Picasso's sketch of a camel
Pablo Picasso’s sketch of a camel
My mosaic rendition of Picasso's camel
My mosaic rendition of Picasso’s camel


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