Today I attended a workshop all about how to turn your hobby into a job. It was organized by the fabulous gals from Les Ateliers and facilitated by the brains behind Ottawa’s The Craft Co-op .

It was really inspiring to hear from so many talented and driven people who are actually “living the dream”. I came away with a renewed sense of motivation and a whole bunch of ideas for how to push Red Squirrel Mosaics forward. So stay tuned for some exciting changes around here!

I was pretty jazzed about the workshop, so I mentioned it on Facebook and two really great friends posted some wonderfully supportive comments. Sometimes it really helps knowing there are people out there who believe in you!

sometimes a dream is all it takes!

Hasn’t everyone known for ages that you need to turn your hobby into a job?! ;) Hope the workshop goes well! I can’t wait for the mosaic shop opening!!!


Let me know what you think!

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