The slimming power of vertical lines

Remember the ashtray I mosaicked? The one that was done using the little bits and pieces of cuts gone wrong? Well, those bad cuts were because of this vase. I don’t know what it was (likely a combination of my lack of technique and unrealistically thin strips of glass), but the glass just wouldn’t cut in a straight line. Every time I broke it, the glass would veer off at the end, leaving me with a dagger-sharp point rather than a right angle.

I remember when my partner came home with this vase I thought, “Good lord, what am I going to do with the top of that?” I was nervous just thinking about it. The initial plan was to cover everything in strips of glass, but thankfully my partner reined in my ambition and suggested I leave the top naked. I will admit to being completely skeptical until the moment I grouted it. Once I cleaned it up, however, I was glad for her voice of reason.

I think the finished product kind of reminds me of one of those wicker-covered wine jugs. Or am I crazy? (Uh, that’s a rhetorical question – no need to answer…)

blue stained glass mosaic vase

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