A lazy post…

OK, I’m going to kill 4 mosaics with one post. All these pieces were done on small plates I picked up the day before we went to get our dog, Dexter (yes, the one that ate the chokecherries).

We had rented a car because the shelter we were getting Dex from was located on the outskirts of Montreal. (Side note for anyone interested in adopting a dog: Animatch, the shelter where we got Dexter, does absolutely amazing work.) Since we rarely have a car in our possession (which is actually fine by us), we took the opportunity to go pick up some heavier pantry staples at the store. We also picked up a watermelon. A small word of advice: don’t put a watermelon in the trunk of your car. The sounds it makes rolling around back there make for a very nerve-wracking drive home. Hey, like I said, we’re not used to having a car, so these are the kinds of obvious details we stupidly overlook.

Anyway, these small plates were great because they were quick projects and were super easy to grout (woohoo!). The one seems to remind me of DNA for some reason. Maybe I was a geneticist in a former life. No, probably not.

Purple candle plate (square)

Red candle plate

Red candle plate

Purple candle plate 1

Let me know what you think!

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