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Where the magic happens

I was about to start packing up my workspace when I decided I should take a quick picture of it so I could show you all where the magic has happened for the past few years. It’s a small space for sure (just a nook in the corner of our kitchen), but it’s been nice to have a space to call my own. As small as this space is, it looks like my new one will be even smaller. I’ll be sure to post pictures after I’m all settled in later in the summer.

And with that, I bid a fond adieu to my little workspace!

Here’s where the magic happens! See the chalkboard I painted on the wall for doodling new ideas?

Some of the materials I have in stock. That shelf? I built it myself out of some Ikea bed slats I found on the curb. Yah, I’m handy like that.


Moving sale!

So as some of you know, we’re moving apartments soonish. This explains why I haven’t been doing any mosaic work over the last little while, as well as why my ever-scintillating blog posts have kind of dried up.

But I wanted to let you all know that I’m temporarily re-opening my Etsy store in order to hold a big MOVING SALE (otherwise known as an “I don’t want to take it with me” sale).

If you’ve been contemplating buying one of my mosaics, this is the perfect excuse! The sale runs until July 15, so head on over and see if anything catches your eye. I’ll be adding more items over the next few days, so check back often.


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