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My new addiction

So I started using Pinterest a month or so ago. Man, is it ever addictive! But it’s also super useful. I’m finding that it’s a great way to visually catalogue things that inspire me, projects I want to try, places I want to go, and things that make me laugh.

If you haven’t checked out Pinterest, you really should … and check out my pins while you’re at it! (PS – My aerial photography pinboard is for a mosaic series I’m hoping to do at some point in the future. I just have to find the time!)

So let’s be pinpals. C’mon, it’ll be fun!



Today I attended a workshop all about how to turn your hobby into a job. It was¬†organized by the fabulous gals from Les Ateliers and facilitated by the brains behind Ottawa’s The Craft Co-op .

It was really inspiring to hear from so many talented and driven people who are actually “living the dream”. I came away with a renewed sense of motivation and a whole bunch of ideas for how to push Red Squirrel Mosaics forward. So stay tuned for some exciting changes around here!

I was pretty jazzed about the workshop, so I mentioned it on Facebook and two really great friends posted some wonderfully supportive comments. Sometimes it really helps knowing there are people out there who believe in you!

sometimes a dream is all it takes!

Hasn’t everyone known for ages that you need to turn your hobby into a job?! ;) Hope the workshop goes well! I can’t wait for the mosaic shop opening!!!



[Long overdue] craft sale update!

My apologies – it’s been forever since I wrote. Did you miss me? No matter, I missed you.

I have a backlog of mosaics to write about (all from that big push I did to get ready for the craft sale), but first I want to tell you how the actual craft sale itself went. As you know, it was my first one and I started small – just a low-key event at my local neighbourhood community centre. No need to swim with the big fishes right away, right?

I think all things considered it went pretty well. Not being part of the regular craft sale community, I felt a bit out of place since everyone seemed to know everyone else. I also felt a bit ghetto since all the pros seemed to have a very elaborate set-up complete with lights, backdrops, shelves, and signs. Me, I only had a sheet to cover my table and some pretty weak homemade business cards. But hey, it was my first show and this is just a hobby for me.

Anyway, the sale. I started the day with 27 mosaics (I think that was the final count), and I went home with just 17. So, if my elementary school math is correct, I sold a whopping 10 pieces! I was actually really happy with that result because my goal for the show was to sell just one piece to someone I didn’t know (since all my previous pieces had been gifted to or bought by friends). Well, 4 of those 10 did go to friends (thanks guys!), but the other 6 went to complete and total strangers! The most popular item of the day: definitely the vases.

I think the most rewarding part of the whole experience for me was the positive feedback I received, which was very validating. One woman even asked me where my studio was (to which I replied, “Uh, my living room”). And that, ladies and gentlemen, was the craft sale in a nutshell.

Craft sale display


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