If memory serves…

Do you ever put something somewhere and think to yourself, “I’ll never forget where I put this,” and then two weeks later find yourself tearing your house apart because, of course, you’ve forgotten your super special, unforgettable hiding spot? Yah. I did that with my stash of tealights.

As soon as the grout on these little tealight holders cured, I wanted to see how they looked with candles. But where were my tealights? A frantic search ensued. I checked all the logical places (storage box with other candles, craft drawer) and then all the illogical places (stash of mosaic supplies, freezer, under the kitchen sink). Nothing.

Months later, when the overwhelming desire to see how these little puppies looked all lit up had long passed, I came across my tealights. They were in the box where we stash all the Christmas presents we find throughout the year. Yep, clearly a logical place to also store tealights.

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