And Julie said, “Let there be light!”

clear mosaic lampNot only is Ikea a great place for meatballs and hotdogs, but it is also a good place to find fairly cheap bases to mosaic. I picked up this lamp on a whim, thinking it might look nice in the red that I used for one of my earlier plates (I was still, and am still, trying to get rid of that damn red glass), but then I got to thinking that a simple clear glass lamp with a dark grout would look much cleaner and more sophistimicated. It was a fun piece to do (except the grouting, but what’s new?), and as I worked I excitedly (and incessantly) flicked the light on and off to see how it was progressing. It seemed to be a popular piece among my friends and I have since had requests for a few more of these little puppies, none of which have been filled yet (probably because I haven’t had the urge to shuffle through Ikea with hundreds of other people, jostling to be first in line for the 50c hotdogs).


Let me know what you think!

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